Lip flip Set price of $350
Forehead Lines $15/unit
Bunny Lines $15/unit
Crows Feet $15/unit
Jelly Eye Roll Set price of $350
Nefertiti Lift Set price of $750
Brow Lift $15/unit
Gummy Smile Set price of $350
Hyperhidrosis Set price of $350
Masseter (TMJ) $15/unit
Other $15/unit
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Lip Filler Set price of $800
Cheek Filler Starting at $800
Under Eye Filler Set price of $1,200
Cheek/Eye Combo Starting at $900
Liquid Rhinoplasty Set price of $1,500
Neck Tightening Starting at $1,100
Body Contour Starting at $900
Hand Filler Starting at $900
Tech Neck Starting at $1,000
Jawline Filler Starting at $900
Smile Lines/Nasolabial Fold Filler Starting at $900
Temple Filler Starting at $900
BBL Starting at $900
Filler facial Starting at $900
Dissolve Filler Starting at $900
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Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Decolletage Starting at $1,100
Cellulite Treatment Starts at $1,200
BBL (Butt Lift) Starts at $2,000
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